Breaking Bad with Albuquerque’s Candy Lady

If you’re not a fan of the show, you may well think Albuquerque has lost it’s mind. Drug-themed candy? Are you kidding me?!?? But for all of the hardened viewers addicted to their weekly fix of Breaking Bad, this sort of thing is playful and downright fun. Kinda blows my mind, in that I generally despise all things glorifying drug use. Or even depicting it.

When it comes to Breaking Bad, though, it is detached enough in my mind that I’m supportive. In fact, I encourage everyone to visit to this store in Albuquerque’s Old Town district. Heisenberg T-shirts, rock candy, and even tours of the city that bring visitors to various filming locations are available for purchase. As the country buckles down for the final season, all of Albuquerque is having a blast with novelty merchandise and viewing parties.

The truth is, The Candy Lady has been a popular destination in Albuquerque for many years. And quite separate from the new TV-related merchandise, her store has always been fun. When you find yourself driving through Albuquerque, be sure to schedule a stop and see all of the decadent goodies she has for sale.

As Jesse would say… “she has some mad skillz, yo!”

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  1. Not sure if it’s still there but, the “backroom” @ The Candy Lady is dedicated to… Uh, adult themed sweets. 😀

  2. At first I thought this lady was just cashing in with someone else’s idea, by selling a knock-off of what was used in the show. Then I found out that she provided the candy to the show in the first place. I also found out that her candy business has been successful long before the show started filming here. Perhaps I was too cynical. I think I need to take a trip down to Oldtown.

    • I can remember visiting her store in the eighties, so it has indeed been a favorite Albuquerque destination for a while. Stop in next time you’re down this way!

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