Would you like to adopt Ms. Wobble?

UPDATE (July 1, 2020) – Ms. Wobble has been adopted! Always a joyous occasion when a pet finds their forever home. If you are looking for a new companion, please consider reaching out to Animal Humane New Mexico to learn about the wonderful cats and dogs who are in need of a place to call home.

Ms. Wobble is a three-month old kitten who is eager to bring love and playfulness into your home. She is available for adoption through the Animal Humane New Mexico website.

Animal Humane New Mexico – Adoptable Cats

Because she is listed as a special needs cat, some might hesitate to consider bringing her home. She has a condition known as cerebellar hypoplasia, which causes her to be unsteady on her feet. It’s neither dangerous nor contagious, and you can read more about it through the link below.

Cerebellar Hypoplasia in Cats

If you search the internet for cats with this condition, you will undoubtedly find examples that are quite severe, where cats are having great difficulty getting around. Thankfully, Ms. Wobble’s condition is easily managed and she has only minimal difficulty.

Ms. Wobble Walking

Our purpose in providing these videos is to show how adept she is at getting around. She is a happy, fun, energetic, and loving kitten! As best we can tell, her two siblings have already been adopted, and Ms. Wobble is patiently waiting to find a forever home. If your gut reaction is to pull back because of the “special needs” label, we strongly encourage you to watch the videos below and not let that be a deal breaker.

Ms. Wobble Playtime With Siblings

If you think you might be interested in adopting Ms. Wobble, please contact Animal Humane New Mexico and fill out their adoption form. If you happen to live out of state? If you’re a friend/acquaintance of mine, live within 1000 miles of Albuquerque, and can successfully make arrangements for adopting her, I might be willing to drive her out for you. I don’t know if the Humane Society would be open to that or not, but I’d be happy to take a little roadtrip to help her get placed in a loving home.

Ms. Wobble Playing With Cat Toy

DISCLAIMER: I am not a veterinarian, I am not affiliated with Animal Humane New Mexico, and truth be known, I don’t know much about cats in general. I can wholeheartedly say, though, if you’re looking for a new house companion, she’s worth considering!

Ms. Wobble Playing With Cat Toy Held Above

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  1. fpmendizabal

    Thank you so much for this amazing post, and for fostering Ms. Wobble and her sisters! It is with great joy that I want to share with you that Ms. Wobble found a great home!!!

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