Christmas Miracle 2020

With all of the stress, sorrow, and chaos that came with this year, I was absolutely shocked and thrilled that something this wonderful could happen. And just in time for Christmas!

I know you’ve heard similar stories before. A lost pet, reunited with its family after a lengthy absence, and after an astonishing long-distance journey of some sort.

Such is the case here, although I believe this may be the most incredible tale of its kind. We’ve been separated for 45 YEARS!!! I gave up hope long ago, and hate to admit that a part of me had pretty much forgotten about him altogether.

It was 1975 when my mother brought him home. My brother and I eagerly peaked through the little round holes encircling his cardboard transport container, trying to sneak a glimpse. He was silent and we saw no movement at all, but we grinned eagerly when Mom finally opened the box.

We named him Rocky. We carefully lifted him from his bed of loose straw, and carried him through the house, introducing him to the new surroundings. We opened the “how to” care manual that was tucked in the carrier’s corner, and immediatly read the entire thing cover to cover.

Rocky became a cornerstone of our lives. He always waited patiently for playtime. We never heard the least hint of whining, begging, or complaining.

Unfortunately, after a few short months, we couldn’t locate him. I was sure that he ran away, but Mom thought he was hiding in the house somewhere. We searched everywhere. Hours turned to days. Days turned to weeks. And, eventually, we had to accept reality. Rocky was gone.

We had no pictures to remember him by. I thought I spotted him once at a neighbor’s house, but it turned out to be a false alarm. Everyone was bringing these unique pets home that year, and we were saddened that Rocky never returned.

And that was that.

Bringing us to 2020. This horrible, difficult year. With all of the stresses and upheaval in our lives, Rocky was the furthest thing from my mind. Until I went running two days ago.

In the middle of my run, there he was. He ran up to me, excited at the end of a lifelong journey to be reunited, and I didn’t even see him. I tripped over him and lost my footing, only to turn around and see him there, looking as if he hadn’t aged a single day. Even though it had been nearly half a century.

My dear little pet rock had found me.

I can’t imagine everything he must of dealt with to get here. How he found me is a mystery I cannnot begin to comprehend. But with this miraculous reunion, I close my eyes in wonder, and relish this Christmas Miracle of 2020.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

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