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Using the “blockquote” entity in a nice manner.

It provides a nice indented box, but WordPress will force a <p> tag into the mix. This messes up the margins as far as I am concerned. Solution? Custom CSS for Suffusion. Set the margin elements for “blockquote p” to be zero and all should be good. I also tweaked the CSS for “blockquote” to have the same margins as the “pre” element (1.5em top and bottom).

Any issues with this technique?

Hmmm. Well, it does have an obvious consequence now that I look at it. When I break paragraphs inside of the blockquote? Let’s try…

Here’s the next paragraph. Doesn’t really space like elsewhere, but that makes sense.

Third paragraphs demonstrates that you’re forced to add extra spacing if you want it here. A simple <br> tag seems to do the trick…

If you are visiting this page to help out with the question I posted on the Suffusion support site… THANK YOU! I essentially want a page defined like this one. Where I can easily edit the primary page content and make it look/behave like this. I want to use it for a “photo blog” application. After the text (or whatever else I decide to include at the top of the page), I would like a full listing of excerpts for all posts from a single category. In this case, I have a category called photo-blog, and I would like to display everything below, exactly as if it came from the photo-blog category page.

As a secondary wish… something I just thought about now was pagination. If there is any way for the excerpt list to be paginated (as is usually the case with category pages), but have this text at the top of the first page only…. that would be perfect! But even if this text appeared on every paginated page for this category, I could make proper use of that.

Any ideas? Thanks!