What’s This All About?

I like to tinker. Build things. Tweak things.

I enjoy being creative and wish I had a knack for drawing. Visual arts have always been tempting, but I lack the ability to forge aesthetically pleasing results through the manipulation of physical media. My hands can’t create things people want to see. Painting on canvas? No. Sculpting with clay? Nope. Woodworking? Not a chance. If you’ve seen my handwriting, none of this will come as a surprise. My penmanship skills peaked when I was about six years old, and I am not at all implying that I was some kind of prodigy.

The only way I might create something worthy of sharing is to employ an intermediary appliance that separates finger movements from any kind of raw material. Thankfully, we live in a time when digital computers are rampantly available. Using cameras and keyboards, and with the availability of tools like Photoshop and WordPress, even I have a chance to build something. Although results may exist in a realm of digital bits stored in a place I can never directly see, my visual creations are nonetheless real, and my thirst for creative expression is fulfilled.

Which brings us to this blog. What’s it all about? Why did I feel compelled to create another website? I don’t have an answer, other than to say I needed something new to occupy my mind. Web design can be tedious and time consuming, but somehow my brain finds joy and satisfaction in the process. Even if I can’t say precisely what will eventually appear in these pages. For now, I’ve painted digital borders around a new web-accessible drawing tablet, in the hopes it will inspire me to add content in the future.

However you found me, welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

One thought on “What’s This All About?

  1. I like the looks of this. Clean and simple. Looking forward to seeing it grow. Adding Goodreads is a great idea too! Going to stalk for new books to read (not that I don’t already have hundreds on my list).

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